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Many skincare products promise to make you look younger after
weeks or months of use. At Hopkins Lab, we believe that people
deserve better, faster results.

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Quick-acting technology

Many skincare products promise to make you look younger after weeks or months of use. At Hopkins Lab, we believe that people deserve better, faster results. Our modern world is fast paced with immediate results. Loosing even one minute can be the difference between success and failure. Shouldn’t the speed at which your skincare works be just as fast? We believe that in order to look your best at any moment, you should have a skincare line that can help you at a moments notice. This is one of our core philosophies and why in the US and Europe, Hopkins Lab is leading the charge.
Hopkins Lab is the industry leader in quick-acting skincare technology. All of our products contain our cutting edge technology and have almost instant results. Whether its removing wrinkles or just making your skin look younger we are here to make you look more beautiful, instantly.

Exclusive patented product - liquid skin-lift technology

Created and developed in our lab after almost 3000 trials, our patented skin-lifting technology can almost instantly tighten the skin and preform a protective barrier. With proper application, it can take as little as 120 seconds to lift and tighten your skin, smoothing fine lines and making those dark circles around your eyes disappear. Our product removes bags and helps the skin stay tight even days after application. 

The key of aging reversing - telomerase

Telomerase is an enzyme that helps keep the Telomeres in your DNA from degrading over time (the root cause of aging). Telomeres and Telomerase are so important that the team that discovered their function won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2009. Since its discovery, Telemerase has been called “the fountain of youth.” It can restore cell activity at the genetic level, correcting defects in DNA replication by promoting the growth of telomeres. This telomere regeneration reverses skin aging, repairs damage, increases cell vitality, and can completely revitalize your skin in as little as 3 weeks.

Originate from the laboratory - a large library of active peptide molecules

Here at Hopkins Lab, we love to put highly active polypeptide molecules in our products. That’s because they: stimulate cell growth, prevent aging, smooth fine lines, and help to reduce your current signs of aging.
Of all the polypeptides we could use, there are three that are really magic: EGF oligopeptide, 6-peptide, and palmitoyl pentapeptide-3. EGF oligopeptide was discovered in 1986 and its discoverer won a Nobel Prize in medicine for the finding. It is found through out the human body as well as most animals where it helps collagen growth. Wrinkle removing 6-peptide directly blocks the muscle contraction signals wherever it is applied. This helps relax the facial muscles, smoothing fine lines and making the skin tighter. Palmitoyl pentapeptide-3 is often called “anti-aging gold.” It promotes collagen synthesis by increasing stromal cell activity making the skin more elastic and younger looking.

While each of these active polypeptide molecules are often used individually for cosmetic purposes, our unique formulations combined with our other products are an extremely effective, high-efficiency magic potion for your skin. 

Cutting-edge bio-extraction technology – extracted from natural plants

From its earliest incarnations, Hopkins lab has been discovering and extracting highly effective active ingredients from plants and turning them into cutting-edge biotechnology. Hopkins found that these plant derived technologies are some of the most beneficial to skin cells. 


Extracted from Selaginella tamariscina (a plant native to Asia), Trehalose is highly moisturizing and protects skin by slowing down the water evaporation in keratin as well as increasing the amount of water bound between the bilayers of the stratum corneum lipids.


Extracted from highland barley planted in Gamba, Tibet at an altitude of 4,750 meters.β-Glucan has superior moisturizing properties, is a potent antioxidant, protects skin from damaging of UV rays, reduces wrinkles, and improves the skin's ability to resist damage.

Codium tomentosum extract

Codium tomentosum is often referred to as "marine moisture retaining factor.” It regulates moisture in the skin while providing long-lasting moisturizing. The moisture provided by the extract, enhances firmness and smooth fine lines.

White truffle extract

It can enhance elasticity, increase moisture, enhance barrier function of skin, regulate gene expression, resist aging, and it also has strong anti-wrinkle and eye bags minimization effects.

Water channel of Skin – Winner of Nobel Prize- APQ3

If one visualizes the cell membrane as a wall, then APQ3 is a water pipe that penetrates the wall. APQ3 is able to enhance the water retention abilities of the skin. It is equivalent to opening more water pipes through the cell membrane, allowing the dry skin cells to absorb water continuously, providing more support for cellular metabolic activity, and achieving the ideal skin hydration. This renews your cells and delays the effects of aging.