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Many skincare products promise to make you look younger after
weeks or months of use. At Hopkins Lab, we believe that people
deserve better, faster results.

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Cutting edge technologies designed in secret

Hopkins lab is located in long Island, New York. The laboratory has been committed to the research of cutting edge biotechnology with a focus on skincare and anti-aging at the gene level. For more then a century, Hopkins research has been used exclusively for the benefit of celebrities, artists, national leaders, and European nobility who were seeking anti-aging therapies. To everyone else however, it remained a secret. 

Since 2013 Hopkins has been guided by two top skincare executives

Gene level biotechnology is at the core of Hopkins Lab. For most people, The effects of aging on your skin can only be diluted if the signs are not treated early enough. Hopkins lab’s technology however, has had a myriad of breakthroughs creating some of the most advanced biogene technology in the world. This technology is the core of every skincare product we make and the beginning of your ageless skin.

Currently, the lab is controlled by two top executives from a premium skincare brand. With their experience and expertise, the two partners hired five of the leading minds in the field of biomedical technology and genetics to be Hopkins new technical directors. Together, they work with top industry researchers to create new products using Hopkins technology to keep your skin eternally beautiful.

Going to marketplaces

Hopkins Lab’s technology has been the secret weapon of the rich and famous since the 1980’s. They would make special trips from all over the United States under the guise of visiting the Hamptons for vacation and instead travel to the lab to test the newest Hopkins products and get a personalized skincare regime.
As word of our incredible technology spread, the lab officially opened to the public in 2013. The first line included 19 high tech skincare and anti-aging products. These eye creams, face creams, masks and cosmetics we named N0.0 to NO.18.
Currently, Hopkins has limited sales channels in six countries and in 2015 started officially selling in the Chinese market.