Hopkins Lab Polypeptide Firming Night Cream NO.8
Hopkins Lab Polypeptide Firming Night Cream NO.8

Hopkins Lab Polypeptide Firming Night Cream NO.8

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Hopkins No.8 is a rejuvenating cream that helps to restore your skin at a cellular level and reverse the aging process. In as little as two weeks, NO.8 can lift and firm the skin as well as tighten the jaw line. It can lighten facial lines, tighten facial muscles, and soften contours. Use NO.8 to deeply nourish the skin, brighten your complexion, and hydrate your skin.


Efficient restoration: Nobel Prize winner - EGF Growth Factor.

EGF acts like a “key” to collagen cells, stimulating collagen production.

Lifting and firming effects: The core ingredient of the anti-wrinkle efffect - acetyl hexapeptide-8

Commonly known as “anti-wrinkle hexapeptide”, this peptide can inhibit neurotransmitter through a Botox-like mechanism that inhibits the excessive release of catecholamine acetylcholine by inhibiting the synthesis of SNARE receptors, locally blocks neurotransmission of muscle contraction, and relaxes facial muscles to smooth out fine lines. It not only reduces the existing fine lines, but also prevents new wrinkles and smooths marks on the skin.

Improved skin: ceramide 3

1. Ceramide 3, extracted from Japanese grapefruit, is a key component of whether the stratum corneum can retain water, can quickly repair the protective skin layer, improve the ability of skin to lock in water and reconstruct the damaged stratum corneum. It blocks irritants and gives the skin a natural protection, making it soft, healthy and smooth.

2. Ceramide is an important substance in maintaining the water balance in the stratum corneum of the skin.

3. Ceramide is present in the outermost stratum corneum of human skin. It is an important substance to maintain skin’s moisture balance. It plays an important role in the construction of protective skin layer. At the same time, it provides good adhesion to intercellular lipids and tightly locks the skin moisture.